CLOVIS, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – Temperatures were well over 100 degrees on Friday afternoon, but that did not stop local fans from showing up to watch the opening night of high school football. 

“It is over a hundred degrees, and it is very hot,” said Bailey Bloom.

Bloom is a student at Kastner Middle School in Clovis. 

“I am very much ready for it to be over, and I don’t think it helps that there is no shade at all so trying to stay cool is very difficult,” continued Bloom.

Bloom’s friend, Talia Gonzales said they were finding ways to stay cool. 

“Hydrating is a big part in that and just trying to stay active and balance that out,” said Talia. “I think you’ll be good if you just stay in the shade and hydrate.”

Experts said extreme heat is dangerous for both older and young people as well as student-athletes. 

“Basically, what happens you’re wearing your equipment, you’re wearing uniforms that are really thick and heavy,  with football players especially,” said Dr. Jesse Werner with UCSF, Fresno. “They’re super at risk because your body can’t release heat so even though you might be sweating you might not be able to cool yourself down.”

School officials said they are keeping a close eye on their student-athletes during extreme temperatures. 

“It’s something that’s very important to us,” said Kelly Avants, PIO for the Clovis Unified School District. “That’s something that  we have top of mind always.”