Deputies, family detail the frightening moment a gunshot rang out at the Cherry Avenue Auction

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A frightening moment for patrons after a gunshot rang out at a popular swap meet and farmers market in Fresno County Saturday.

Hundreds of people crowd the popular Cherry Avenue Auction every Tuesday and Saturday, and the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office says someone fired a gun, but luckily no one got hurt.

The fact that nobody got hit at least at this point, it’s amazing to me, says Lt. Brent Stalker with the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office.

One of the auction’s owners, Mitch Burson, says after this incident, he sat down with deputies to create an improved evacuation plan in the event this ever happens again.

And those who were at the swap meet say in today’s world, you just never know what can happen.

It’s just the day and age that we’re in right now, unfortunately, people have no value of life and it’s sad, says Sean Escott, who was visiting the Cherry Auction with family.

He explains the scary moment when everyone head the gunshots ring out: We just were looking around, and then we saw about a hundred people just start running.

It happened around 1:30 p.m. when the California Highway Patrol dispatch received multiple calls of shots fired from inside the auction.

Looks like a fight broke out in a pretty crowded area where all the booths are, and once the fight broke out, somebody that wasn’t directly involved in the fight, we believe actually shot a round off, Stalker says.

Deputies say a casing was found, and it’s unclear if it’s from a shot gun or handgun.

A search for the suspect was conducted by air and ground.

Officials say with as large of a crowd as the Cherry Auction attracts, during a busy Saturday, with nearly 12,000 people, it’s amazing that no one got hurt.

If anyone has information, you’re asked to contact the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office.

The auction’s owners say the swap meet is expected to operate during normal hours, Tuesday and Saturday.

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