FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – Dozens of abortion-rights advocates rallied outside the Fresno City Hall on Saturday morning to protest the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. 

“I was heartbroken,” shared Miryam Ramirez. 

“I cried at work yesterday. It’s pretty emotional,” said Adelita Gomez Alvarez. “This is something that matters, this is not the kind of change this country needs. This country needs more choices, this country needs more acceptance.”

A demonstrator holds up a sign during a rally outside Fresno City Hall on Sunday, June 25.

“I cried. I sat there and cried for a good long while because I realized there a lot of people in this country that are not going to have the same access I have in California,” said Brenda Cocio. 

The Supreme Court’s ruling on Friday gave the power back to the states to make up their own abortion laws.

One pro-life advocate joined Saturday’s rally with a banner reading “Change my mind.”

“Abortion just isn’t a procedure, it’s the killing of another human life for someone else’s benefit,” said Solo Monverduzco. “‘My body. my choice’ is completely wrong because that’s a different being inside you. It’s a separate life, it’s not part of their body.”

Thirteen states have abortion trigger laws expected to go into effect soon. California is not one of them.

“Abortions aren’t going to stop,” said Gomez Alvarez. “This is about a right to having safe health choices for myself because I’m still of age to be able to have children, for my daughter and her future. For my son and any future partners he may have.”

“It should be up to the woman if they want to keep their baby, they should keep their baby. If they don’t, they shouldn’t,” said Kayla Battle.

Demonstrators gathered outside of Fresno City Hall on Saturday, June 25.

“There’s literally other alternatives,” said Isabelle Nichols. “Men can get vasectomies and they’re even reversible. And on top of that, it’s men deciding for women when it should never be like that.”

“It’s a human right and if you don’t have a uterus, it shouldn’t concern you and this isn’t really up for debate,” said Alianna Pasilla. 

“Every single person, their moms had a choice, and their moms had a choice, and that choice shouldn’t be taken from us, it shouldn’t be taken from the youth. It shouldn’t be taken from the 14-year-olds that are raped who can’t even vote yet,” said Evelyn Gamble.