SHAVER LAKE, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) –The Rock to Rebuild fundraiser concert returned to Shaver Lake on the second anniversary of the Creek Fire.

“We put on this event as a way for the community to come together, remember what happened two years ago, and try to have a good time to help move forward,” said Kye Lee, founder of Rebuild Our Sierra. 

Vendors and four Valley bands drew crowds to the Shaver Lake Baseball field on Saturday afternoon. Proceeds support the nonprofits’ two main programs.

“Live Tiny, which is a program that focuses on getting folks who lost everything tiny homes, which allows them to get back on to their property. So far we’ve delivered 3 tiny homes for about $140,000.”

The second program is called Logs to Lumber.

“We take logs from our area that were burned in the fire or are damaged. We mill them up, turn them into nonmerchantable lumber, and then through partnerships with local schools, we’re able to build lockable sheds that are then installed on Creek Fire survivor properties,” said Lee. 

Lee said last year’s concert raised about $20,000.

They’ve also had help from sponsors like Tioga-Sequoia Brewing Company. 

“We’ve been able to raise ourselves over $25,000 that we’ve donated back to organizations like the Resiliency Fund and Rebuild Our Sierra,” said brewery president Michael Cruz. 

Other nonprofits like the Creek Fire Recovery Collaborative are working with 110 families in the rebuilding process.

“Currently we’re working on getting sheds on properties for families who are still living in travel trailers, and we still have at least 25 families that we’re working with that are living in travel trailers today,” said the organization’s chair, Tanner Michaelson. 

Assemblymember Jim Patterson was at the fundraiser too. He says he remembers meeting with survivors in the past.

“I met a woman who was widowed as a result of that fire and her home of 30 years was burned down. But she was so strong, so resilient.”

He says her strength was inspiring.

“That’s what this community is about and that’s what we’re celebrating here.”

To learn more on ways to support Creek Fire survivors, visit and