FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) — The operator of Fresno’s Granite Park says, despite the claims of the City of Fresno, he does in fact have the correct liability insurance to protect the City.

“Cities get sued for large amounts of money,” said Fresno City Councilmember Garry Bredefeld at a news conference Wednesday. “It’s only with this one developer every single time that we have this problem.”

Bredefeld expressed his concerns about the park’s operator, Terance Frazier, potentially not having the correct liability insurance to protect the City of Fresno. Bredefeld alleges that Frazier’s relationship with city councilmember Esmeralda Soria is the reason that the insurance irregularity is allowed.

Mike Karbassi, Fresno city councilmember for District 2, says he supports Bredefeld.

Frazier says he has the correct insurance and has followed the City’s instructions when he has been asked for different coverage.

“This park is not in their district, but they chose to use taxpayer funds to come and attack a park that’s not in their district,” says Frazier. “How many other contracts have they looked at and judged if their insurance documents are correct or not.”

Mayor Jerry Dyer claims that the type of insurance Frazier has is not correct, and that they’ve been in constant communication to get the issue resolved.

“We have done everything that we can within my administration to work with the folks at Granite Park, to work with Mr. Frazier, to do everything we can, to allow his operations to be successful,” said Dyer.

Georgeanne White, city manager, says not having the insurance puts the city at risk. After what she calls “high-risk events” were advertised at the park, she asked City Council President Nelson Esparza to place the issue on a special meeting agenda, but he did not.

“We are asking for a closed session immediately,” explains White. “I am very concerned about the liability issues out there.”

Frazier says he’s being discriminated against, adding that Karbossi’s interest in the issue is purely political.

“They’re using city taxpayer dollars to investigate me because he’s running against Esmeralda Soria,” claims Frazier.

Mayor Dyer says that at one point Frazier did have the correct insurance and that he’s been told that he can revert to that plan. He adds that the park is in debt and that the City has paid more than $100,000 to cover for the park for utility and PG&E payments.

Frazier said he is in the process of updating the insurance to what the city officials are asking for. He also said he has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars of his own money into the park.