Clovis Unified School District applying for two grants to get new electric school buses

Local News

Clovis Unified has asked for two grants to purchase new electric school buses to replace old ones.

Sheryl Boe is the Transportation Director for CUSD. She said the idea of replacing a bus made in the 90’s is exciting and it’s time for an upgrade. 

The district applied for two grants through the Cal Energy Commission and San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District.

Boe says if they get approved for the grants they applied for they could potentially get 11 new electric buses. 

“We are very innovative and we are going to do what’s best for our kids,” said Boe. “So, right now the wave of the future is the electric buses. 

The district has made renewable energy a priority. They already have solar panels installed at various locations in the district. So, Boe said electric buses seemed to be the next logical step.

“The benefits for the electric buses is a huge cost savings in fuel,” said Boe. 

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