Clovis North basketball team does crafts with Valley Children’s patients

Local News

Members of the Clovis North boys basketball team stopped by Valley Children’s Hospital on Wednesday.

The student athletes did crafts with the patients and delivered stuffed animals.

The visit kicks off the Valley Children’s Tip-Off – a basketball tournament that benefits the hospital.

Their coach says the visit is a good opportunity for the students to think outside themselves.

“So when they come here it definitely does open their eyes to what is happening everywhere, and if they can come and shed a little happiness, I think it’s an awesome thing,” coach Tony Amundson said.

Treysen Farmer, a senior at Clovis North, said, “It makes us kind of feel good. You know, we’re helping them out. Also – kind of puts in perspective. We go to practice every day, and we’re running and thinking it’s hard and everything, but these kids – they’d love to be out running and playing around.”

Teams from Sacramento to the South Valley will be taking part in the tournament.

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