CLOVIS, Calif. (KSEE) — As fires rage across the state a Clovis man is trying to help.

Blake Cadigan is in Monterey County where tens of thousands of acres are being scorched. People are evacuating and now he’s trying to make sure their animals also make it to safety.

Cadigan owns Evolution Quarter Horses in Clovis. He and other volunteers are now focusing on evacuating animals too big to quickly pack away in cars.

“Horses, cattle, sheep, goats, pretty much any farm animals,” he said.

Cadigan transports horses for his business and taps into his skills and love of the animal when wildfires break out.

“We’re just trying to get them to safety. Get them some food get them some water try to get them to relax a little bit,” he said.

Cadigan and his team are now trying to get animals out of the fire zones of the Carmel and River Fires. He estimates they’ve transported 600 to 800 animals to safety in the past few days.

“We’re kind of running out of room over here,” Cadigan said. And if they do, he’ll be headed from the Central Coast back to the Central Valley.

“What we need right now is we need medical supplies for livestock, we need hay, water buckets that’s a huge one, we really need to get these guys water, and shelter,” he said.

Cadigan said they’re desperate for any help with feed and supplies and looking for space to temporarily house the animals.

“It’s the horse community and it’s very very close,” he said.

“And the sad thing is, if it wasn’t for people like us to help them, they would just be set free. And so they’d be hit, they’d be caught in the fire and I’d hate to see that,” Danielle Caldeira said.

Cadigan also did animal rescues on the Carr and Camp fires, and said it’s sometimes exhausting, but always rewarding.

“That’s the best part of it, when we see their owners that are so thankful that, I know it kind of sounds corny, but it kinda of melts your heart a little bit and that’s what makes it all worth it,” he said.

The best way to contact Cadigan to help is through the Evolution Quarter Horses Facebook page: