City of Fresno working on storm clean up after first major rain of the season

Local News

Throughout the next couple of days Fresno will see more storms rolling through. Which will knock leaves off of trees, clog gutter drains, and could lead to water clogged roadways. 

Tommy Arviso has lived in his house for 40 years and says when it rains his roadway is almost always clogged. 

“I walk out here for instance and put my trash out here and stuff and I am always getting wet from the drainage,” says Arviso. “The only drainage they have is way down that way.”

Fresno city spokesman Mark Standriff says crews maintain roadways daily to guard against flooding. But, when it rains overnight they are out cleaning roads all morning long. 

“Right now we have crews going out just seeing some areas where we will do a little pumping,” says Standriff. 

Standriff says crews pump the water into nearby drains. However, this is a process that does take some time. 

“We just ask our folks out there to be patient,” says Standriff. “If you see down trees if you see storm drains that are plugged up with leaves contact the city.”

According to Standriff if you see a flooded roadway or a tree blocking the sidewalk you can call the city or report it on the app FresGO. 

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