FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE) – The City of Fresno has been given the highest award possible from the state’s Clean California Grant Program.

Five million dollars will go towards cleanup efforts for disadvantaged communities in South Fresno.

“The vision I have for Fresno is an inclusive, prosperous, beautiful city where people take pride in their neighborhood and their community. What this grant will do for us is to be able to restore that sense of pride,” said Mayor Jerry Dyer.

City officials say the grant will fund multiple projects on Olive, Belmont, Millbrook, and Blackstone avenues. The project will include a complete rebuild of the Belmont median, having 95 trees planted on Belmont Avenue, amenity improvements at eight bus stops, and a litter cleanup crew.

“This is the single largest investment on Belmont. It keeps our promise to rebuild and restore South Fresno neighborhoods,” said Councilmember Miguel Arias.

Mayor Dyer said some of the money will also be used for beautification projects.

“Blackstone, Abby, Fresno Street, and First… you’re going to see four murals painted on those abutment slopes all along the 180 corridors,” Mayor Dyer said.

Raul Duran has owned a taco restaurant on Belmont for 12 years and says he believes the street needs a major revitalization and hopes the projects might benefit local businesses.

“If they see that the street looks clean, maybe with trees or some landscape, it will bring more business for our business,” Duran said.

For the murals, city officials want to sponsor local artists and they’re asking artists to call the city office if they want to work with them.