FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE) – In an effort to find new solutions to help tackle the homeless crisis in Fresno, city leaders held a town hall meeting Friday.

City leaders say they have invested $144 million over the last 2.5 years to provide temporary shelter and services to nearly 2,000 homeless people.  

Genevive Perez has been living in her car for the past three years in Fresno. 

“My husband barely gets social security, but I don’t have any, I’m looking for work, but it’s been really hard,” says Perez.  

She is one of the dozens of people that came out to Friday’s town hall meeting to voice her concerns.  

“I’d like to see all the homeless not be on the streets the way they are. It’s sad to see that, “says Perez.  

City leaders took the opportunity to listen to those in need and brainstorm solutions to help tackle homelessness. 

So far, through ‘Project Home Key,’ the city has been able to buy motels along parkway drive to get the homeless the shelter they need.  

However, city leaders like Miguel Arias along with council members Luis Chavez and Esmeralda Soria say more work needs to be done.  

“We need to start identifying some other alternatives to housing the homeless because there’s still thousands of people calling the streets of Fresno home,” says Arias.  

Current temporary housing gives people a place to sleep, food and resources with the hope of transitioning them to permanent housing.