FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE) – The City of Fresno says they’re giving the operator of Granite Park, a deadline to submit proof of liability insurance. Members of the city council met Monday in a closed session meeting to discuss the matters, according to council members. 

The city attorney sent a letter to the park’s operator, Terrance Frazier, stating that if they did not submit proper proof of insurance by Friday, April 15, and continue selling alcohol on the property, the city could terminate the park’s lease. 

In the letter from the city, the City Attorney Douglas Sloan wrote the following.

“Assuming this written confirmation for Liquor Liability coverage is provided, the City remains concerned about CVCSF’s (Central Valley Community Sports Foundation) failure to obtain the proper required policy limits for the Liquor Liability coverage.”

Attorney for the park’s operator Kevin Little said his client has the correct level of insurance and would be enough to protect the city against costly lawsuits. 

“We showed the city the park is insured, it’s always been insured including for alcohol,” Little said. 

“The city is engaging any effort in finding fault where fault doesn’t exist in an effort to take this park back because seemingly they have someone else they like better lined up to take it over. Keep in mind that Mr. Frazier and the Central Valley Community Sports Foundation that’s now been pending for nearly 3 years,” Little added. 

The insurance irregularities were first brought to the public by Councilmember Garry Bredefeld and Mike Karbassi, after City Council President Nelson Esparza didn’t put the matter on a meeting agenda last week. Bredefeld and Karbassi say the reason Frazier had been able to go without insurance is that he’s engaged to Councilwoman Esmeralda Soria. 

Still, parents like Stephanie Biggs’ who’s kids use the park, say they’ll be upset if the park gets shut down over drama at city hall. 

“It’s really frustrating for us as parents because our kids just want to play baseball,” Biggs said. 

Frazier says the only reason Karbassi cares about this issue is that he’s running against Soria for an assembly seat.