Cities of Fresno, Clovis to defer utility payments for furloughed federal employees

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The partial Federal Government shutdown has been going on for nearly a month. Now, the city of Clovis says Federal employees will catch a break on their water bills. 

Luke Serpa is the City Manager for the city of Clovis. He says that this is a policy that’s now being enacted. 

“We have certain administrative procedures that allows us to defer payments to work with the customers when something outside their control prevents them from paying their water bill,” says Serpa. “We don’t want to be shutting anybody’s water off.”

The city of Fresno also stepping up to make sure utility payments are deferred until federal workers get a long overdue payday. 

Mark Standriff is the Director for Communications and Public Affair for the city of Fresno. He says they have had a long standing policy in place for when people need assistance. 

“We are all very concerned with what’s going on with the government shutdown,” says Standriff. “Thankfully for our customers the city of Fresno has already had a policy in place in case of some sort of hardship when it comes to our individual customers finances.”

Newly elected local congressman TJ Cox of the 21st district held a conference on his new bill called The Immediate Financial Relief for Federal Workers Act.

This act will provide zero interest loans to federal workers. 

“These loans would accrue no interest, would have no fees, would not require a credit check and the amount credited to the employee would be paid back when the government re-opens,” says Cox. 

If you live in the City of Fresno and are a federal employee that’s been furloughed and/or are working without pay, contact the City of Fresno Department of Public Utilities.

The department has a hardship payment policy that anyone can apply for, the city says.

Residents may be eligible for payment plans and are willing to defer payments if you’ve lost your flow of income.

For questions, contact the utilities billing and collections department at 559-621-6888.

The City of Clovis is also offering utility payment deferments during the shutdown.

To take part, federal employee utility customers will need to provide a copy of their federal identification or a recent pay stub as verification of federal employment.

If you would like to defer your utility payment under these circumstances, contact the City of Clovis at 559-324-2130, and press option No. 8 during business hours Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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