CHP officers receiving high volume of calls as rainy weather continues

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A busy week for the California Highway Patrol through rainy weather and patrolling slick roads. CHP officers in the Fresno area cover about 4,000 miles of freeways and unincorporated roadways.

They don’t just respond to collisions, being proactive can prevent them too.

Our CBS47/KSEE24 crew rode along with CHP and witnessed the driver of a Ford Taurus speed, weaving in and out of lanes on 180 West. Officer Nick Scofield says the driver was going at least 85 miles an hour. But his excuse?

“Just my friend is having a baby,” said the driver.

“Well you can’t see the baby if you don’t get there right?,” replied Scofield.

“I know. I’m an idiot. I’m sorry,” the driver apologized.

He didn’t have a medical emergency but now given a speeding ticket and a lesson.

“We want him to make it there in one piece and not endanger anyone else either in the process,” said Scofield.

Officer Scofield says CHP has received a high volume of calls since rain hit the valley.

“People aren’t really used to driving in the rain here as they are in other parts of the country and a lot of people need to remember to go back to the basics when it’s raining,” said Scofield.

The basics are increasing following distance, watch your speed and make sure car’s equipment works properly because visibility can be an issue.

For example, CHP responded to a collision in Caruthers where the driver didn’t see a horse back up into the street. The horse got hit in the leg but will be okay. The rider went to the hospital with minor injuries.

Officer Scofield says many drivers simply forget to turn the right lights on.

“I saw you have your parking lights on but you don’t have your headlights on,” said Scofield to one driver.

Helping fix the issue and preventing a potential accident.

“Whether it’s simply stopping someone, they don’t have their headlights on, reminding them to put em’ on and not writing them a ticket or if it’s writing someone a ticket and taking someone to jail, I try to take the appropriate enforcement action each time,” said Scofield.

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