FRESNO, Calif. (KGPE/KSEE)- This Memorial Day Weekend the California Highway Patrol will be out in full force on state highways and roads watching for impaired drivers.

They say this year is already shaping up to be a deadlier year than last year.

So far, they are seeing a 34% increase in deadly car crashes compared to 2021.

A total of 48 victims in 41 fatal collisions.

“Hopefully, they will make those right decisions and not consume any alcohol before getting in the car and driving away. If they do, just be forewarned that the CHP is out there and we will arrest you when we find you,” said Officer Mike Salas.

Last year more than 1,000 DUI arrests were made over the Memorial Day Weekend on California Highways.

“Last year we had 1,000 DUI-related arrests statewide. Unfortunately, we had 35 people that were killed as a result of a collision,” said Salas.

It’s not just CHP cruisers or motorcycle officers that impaired drivers need to be aware of, Fresno Police will also be out on the roads with extra officers on hand looking for drunk drivers.

“A DUI saturation patrol operation alone just with that group of officers on one shift netted 13 DUI arrests,” said John Belli of the Fresno Police Traffic Bureau.

“We’re going to hall all of our available officers out on patrol during this maximum enforcement period, looking for those people that are causing a lot more havoc out on the roadways,” added Salas.

It isn’t just drunk driving that is causing these deadly crashes, but also driving or riding without a seatbelt.

Last year during Memorial Day weekend, two out of three who died in a collision on state highways were not wearing a seatbelt.

“That’s the last thing we want to do. We want this Memorial Day to be a day of celebration, not a day of mourning or sadness,” concluded Salas.

We asked the CHP why there are more deadly crashes this year than last year, they couldn’t give us a reason why other than people are driving more recklessly.