LAKESHORE, Calif. (KTXL) — “Please do not make us play this game!” A ski resort about 70 miles northeast of Fresno is warning visitors about using marijuana on its property. 

In an Instagram story posted on Sunday, China Peak Mountain Resort said its plan to “crack down on its use” was brought on by complaints over the weekend. 

After noting marijuana use is legal in California, the resort wrote, “Use is illegal at our resort, as we are 100% on United States Forest Service federal land and must operate by their FEDERAL rules.”

China Peak said “starting now,” there will be staff in the parking lots and on lifts “to ensure that we are all obeying the rules.”

Visitors who use marijuana at China Peak will face consequences, the resort said. 

“If you choose to use marijuana at China Peak you will be removed from the resort for the day, no exceptions. If there is any resistance your season pass will be voided for the rest of this season and you will not be allowed to purchase a pass in 2022/23.”

China Peak ended its post by expressing its want to keep the resort fun for everyone while maintaining good standing with USFS.

“Thank you for understanding,” the post concluded.