CHINA PEAK, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – With a winter storm rolling in this week, ski resorts like China Peak are prepping for an early opening weekend.

China Peak Mountain Resort general manager Tim Cohee says they built a really good summer business with the marina, a bar and restaurant, boat rentals, and concerts but that season finished about a month ago and the snow is their main event!

“We’re used to seeing lots of snow, everybody is ready, everybody is ready to move it, plow it, groom it and enjoy it,” said Cohee.

Cohee says it’s been snowing all day and it’s already starting to stick. He says by tomorrow they’re expecting at least 2 and a half feet of snow on the ground.

“It’s an unusually early start, this hasn’t happened really since about 2010. That was about 13 years ago when there was a huge amount of snow before Thanksgiving and the ski resort … we opened before Thanksgiving as well,” he added.

He says he’s been doing this for 43 years and it’s always a scramble to get things ready but it’s what they prepare for all year long.

“This is what everybody wants, you’re willing to scramble, you’re willing to do anything you have to do to get ready and take advantage of something that is so fortunate which is to have snow so early before Thanksgiving,” he said. 

The snow coming in, giving them a 7-week head start on the most important week of the year, Christmas vacation, but Cohee says they’re getting crushed with calls from customers.

“They’re caught a little off guard too so I can tell you what’s happening right now is people are searching for their skis, searching for their snowboard, wondering where their boots are, trying to find their helmet, I need to get new gloves,” said Cohee.

Cohee says even while the snow is coming down they’ll continue to make their own snow and mix it in with the natural snowfall.

“You can’t make excuses if you get early snow, that’s what everybody’s dream is,” he said.