FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – Heavy rainfall throughout California has brought relief to farmers who have been waiting for years. According to the drought monitor, parts of the central valley went from extreme drought to severe drought.

“This is truly a blessing that we’ve seen so far. On the Eastern side of Fresno County, we’re actually two notches down. On the Western side of Fresno County it was a single notch,” said CEO of the Fresno County Farm Bureau Ryan Jacobsen.

While some orchards were almost completely submerged, Jacobsen says farmers were spared from damage because of the current season.

“It’s been shown not really in most cases to cause any damage when those vines or trees are dormant. That whole picture changes here in just a short amount of time. We’re going to be looking at the San Joaquin Valley going under bloom,” he said.

According to the drought monitor, extreme drought in California fell from 27.1% last week to .32% this week. Even more promising is the snowfall in the Sierras.

“The rainfall we get is important, but it’s not nearly as representative as what’s coming up as far as what that snowpack is, because that’s what carrying us through,” Jacobsen said.

Fresno county’s water allocation depends on the federal system, which makes its announcement in February. Farmers hope the recent rainfall allows them to receive more than in years past.

“The department of water resources announced their initial water allocation in December and it was a very dismal 5%. That was based on the conditions then, it’s obviously changed,” Jacobsen said.

More rainfall is expected this weekend which Jacobsen hopes could move some areas into even less severe tiers of drought.