FRESNO COUNTY, Calif. (KSEE) – Some Central Valley congressmen are asking President Joe Biden for help addressing ongoing supply chain issues across the country. They say backups at ports are now impacting one of the valley’s biggest industries, agriculture. 

For farmers, the supply chain issue is more complex than it is for most people since they not only have to figure out how to get the supplies they need to grow crops, they also have to figure out how to export their crops. Representative Jim Costa says he thinks some of these issues could be fixed if the president takes immediate action. 

“I don’t know if the government can move quickly enough to do something,” explained Fresno County farmer Joe Del Bosque.  

Bosque sees the impacts of the broken and backlogged supply chain every day. 

“A lot of us have almonds or other products that are waiting to be exported usually to Asia and a lot of those containers are stuck in port and held up,” Bosque said.  

He says action needs to be taken, but he’s not sure how. Representative Jim Costa has sent a bipartisan letter to President Biden hoping to bring to his attention just how badly farmers in California are being impacted.  

Costa says the senate needs to pass legislation aimed at providing long-term solutions to mend the supply chain. But he thinks if Biden could take executive action now to incentivize foreign shipping companies to fill containers with American exports- it could help in the short term. 

“We need to take action before that legislation gets to the President’s desk because the crisis is now,” Costa said.  

Until then, Central Valley farmers are seeing impacts to their bottom line. Fresno County Farm Bureau President Ryan Jacobsen says farmers are losing out on billions of dollars. He says as issues linger, foreign buyers will move away from California crops. 

“There’s nothing that’s going to turn it around, we’re just concerned it’s going to bleed into our next cropping season,” Jacobsen explained.

Costa says this issue is impacting California more than many other states because nearly half of the crops grown here get exported overseas.