TULARE COUNTY, Calif. (KSEE) – Local hospitals are seeing a decrease in blood supply as the demand for donors keeps going up.

“You never know when someone can be in a motor vehicle accident and need blood emergently and we are having to scramble for these patients and it’s not where you want to be as a hospital or as a trauma center” Kaweah Delta Blood Bank Supervisor Cristina Cadena said.

Cadena says blood donations are extremely important.

“Pretty much since the start of the pandemic, but lately especially over the holidays,” Cadena said.

But recently, the number of donors able to give blood has gone down.

“That’s how low we are everything is having to be approved by multiple physicians in some instances, so the need is beyond critical” Cadena said.  

She said blood is needed for many reasons and for many patients,

“Most often people think of blood transfusions and ER for traumas and surgery patients but there are also other patients that require blood patients that are battling cancer or oncology patients, there’s chronic anemia patients.” Cadena said.

But even with more donors, Cadena said accepting the donated blood can be tough.