FRESNO COUNTY, Calif. (KSEE) – The biker community in Fresno is mourning the loss of two of their own.

Paul and his son Forest King died in a motorcycle accident on Auberry Road a couple of weeks ago. On Saturday, dozens of bikers rode up that same road in honor of their brothers. 

“We miss you Forest, we miss Paul,” said Joey Yanez, Redrum Motorcycle Club president.

“My brother Paul and his son Forest were in an accident on Auberry Road. God took them home,” said Richard Tilley, editor at the CC Biker Motorsports Newspaper.

The Kings died in an accident on Jan. 8.

“Even now I’m trying not to cry too much. It’s tough,” said Tilley. 

On Saturday, Forest and Paul’s biking crew decided to honor them the only way they know how, traveling up the same road where they passed together. About 300 bikers rode from Fresno to Auberry. 

Three riders got into an accident on Auberry Road on Saturday. There were no fatalities. 

“Unfortunately riding motorcycles is extremely dangerous, and within the club, we’re always preaching safety and how to be safe,” said Cliff Matias, international president of the Redrum Motorcycle Club. 

The tribute ride ended at Stonehouse Tavern, where a fundraiser was held for the family.

“That’s what we’re doing today, we’re helping a brother and his father out in our community,” said Yanez.

“This was one of Paul’s favorite spots,” said Matias. “I flew out from New York City, Pedro flew out from Florida, we have guys that flew out from Virginia, Georgia, from all over the country.”

Through their shared love for the open road and through their shared pain, the crew says they take comfort in knowing Forest and Paul are looking down on them today.

“They passed away and got called home doing what they loved to do,” said Tilley.