FRESNO, Calif. (KGPE) – CBS47 continues its investigation into Aaron Cumpton, the man facing felony charges of animal cruelty, after being seen on surveillance camera disposing of a dog’s body in a trash can.

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Eyewitness News has now confirmed a second investigation into Aaron Cumpton after another family says Cumpton killed their dog too.

It was after our first story aired that Germain Wells recognized the face on her screen as Aaron Cumpton. The man who was her dog sitter while she was out of town.

She tells us he was the last person to see her dog alive.

She filed a police report with the Clovis Police Department, who has handed their investigation over to the District Attorney’s office recommending another felony charge of animal cruelty.

You’ll remember we first broke the initial story sharing the shocking video catching Aaron Cumpton on camera disposing of Kim Garcia’s dog, Artie, in a trash can outside her home in Fresno.

Cumpton was the family’s pool maintenance technician.

They were out of town when surveillance video showed him disposing of the dog’s body.

“I never thought my dog would be murdered, no,” Kim Garcia said.

Fresno Police Department led the investigation.

They tell us Cumpton confessed to strangling and killing the 16-year-old Yorkie.

He was arrested then released from jail where we met him outside the courthouse in October.

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It’s after our story aired that, Germain Wells of Clovis, recognized the man on her screen as her dog sitter.

“The first thought that came to my mind was he killed my dog,” Wells said.

She says her dog, Dutchess, died while under the care of Cumpton.

He and his girlfriend were dog sitting while she was out of town.

The girlfriend told Germain she wasn’t there when Dutchess died and she called Germain with the news.

“She said ‘It was Aaron, he stepped on her getting out of the shower.’ and I was just a mess,” Wells said.

Her veterinarian was skeptical of the story given when examining Dutchess.

She provided a note in the police report saying “Her neck was swollen and flopped to the side. It felt broken. I did not understand how this could be an accident.”

Germain says she won’t be able to move forward until she sees justice for Dutchess.

“I hope that he ends up having to do time and be accountable for his actions,” Wells said.

Aaron Cumpton is expected back in court Friday to be arraigned on charges of Artie’s death.

Both Kim Garcia and Germain Wells plan to be present in court.

The D.A. has not filed charges in Germain’s case, but the Clovis Police Department did turn over their investigation recommending felony animal cruelty charges in their case.