CARUTHERS, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – Folks in Caruthers wasted no time hopping on carnival rides and chowing down on some great food on Wednesday.

“We have 15 or 16 food booths over here that serve just a variety of different types of food.  If you don’t leave here five pounds heavier, it’s just, you did something wrong,” said Ryan Rasmussen, Fair Board member.

The Caruthers District Fair is the largest free-gate fair in California. 2023 marks a milestone for the fair.

“Not a lot of people know this, but this is our 94th year running, but this is actually our 100th year anniversary. There were certain years we weren’t able to run due to 9/11, World War Two, so that type of stuff so it’s very exciting for us to actually have our 100th year,” said Ryan.

April Bairos says she is a longtime fairgoer, and she was with her grandkids on opening day.

“Different generations from my dad was a local and then our kids our grandkids evening our great-grandkids are coming to this fair,” she said. “Watching the kids and grandkids show their animals and it’s different for showmanship and also the animal itself.”

“We have almost I believe almost 170 head of animals here this year which is almost unprecedented.  It’s wonderful to see those kids how hard they worked and hopefully being able to see the benefits on Saturday when they’re able to sell,” said Ryan.

The Caruthers District Fair will be running from Wednesday until Saturday in the original 17-acre property located at 13599 S Raider Ave in Caruthers.