FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – A driver lost control of a vehicle in Fresno hitting a corner market, according to the Fresno Fire Department.

According to the Fresno City Fire Battalion Chief, a driver was traveling westbound on East Tulare Avenue when he lost control of his vehicle crashing into the El Dorado Carniceria y Taqueria Market on the corner of Jackson Avenue and East Tulare Avenue. The inclement weather is said to have been a contributing factor.

Officials say that it is “miraculous” that there were no injuries in this incident. The vehicle hit the building on its passenger side, allowing the driver to exit the vehicle from its driver-side door and has been cooperating with law enforcement.

Inside the building, there were employees and someone eating lunch. Fire officials say the footage shows how there was a lot of debris flying around inside including bricks that landed next to the man having lunch.

Fire officials say that law enforcement is investigating whether or not drugs and/or alcohol played a factor in this incident. The corner of the building is destroyed and will need to be rebuilt, closing the business for the time being.

The Fresno Fire Department also took this opportunity to remind drivers that in this weather, the roads are slick. Saying that your vehicle’s normal behavior does not matter on these kinds of days as your tires are going to be slicker and you’re going to need more time to stop. Also if you lose control, the results are going to be much different as it happened in this case.