FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – Employees who work in a north Fresno parking lot are calling for police to do more to stop reckless driving after a car was caught doing donuts fled from officers, and then crashed into two cars Friday night.

Michael, who didn’t want to show his face to our cameras for fear of his safety, was in the parking lot when police tried to pull over a reckless driver.

“The police unit came up and flashed their lights and the guys in the car did two more donuts and then started speeding out,” said Michael.

Officers say the car took off north on Blackstone Avenue before turning right onto east Bullard Avenue.

The car then slammed into two cars on Bullard Avenue and Effie Street.

“and within seconds I heard a loud thump,” Michael continued.

Everyone involved in the crash walked away with minor injuries

The driver of the car that took off from police was arrested.  

A man who works in the shopping center who wanted to remain nameless says dozens of groups of cars pull into the parking lot doing donuts and burnouts, threatening the safety of others.

“It’s an ongoing thing every Friday and Saturday where it doesn’t need to be,” he said.

He also says he’s called the police multiple times but got no response.

“It’s kinda pretty frustrating they know they are coming at the same times and nothing has been done,” he continued.

Lt. Leslie Williams, with the Fresno Police Department, says they are doing everything they can to crack down on dangerous drivers.

“They have been effective, they are here in the evenings, and they have been able to address and suppress all the street racing that has been occurring,” said Williams.