FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – According to CAL FIRE statistics, wildfires have gone down slightly this year compared to last year with 2020 still counting as the most severe wildfire season to date with more than four million acres burned.

The decrease in wildfires could be due to the recent rains but officials with electrical companies say they’ve also done their part to keep California safe from these types of wildfires.

A spokesperson for PG&E says they’ve started the process to lay 10,000 miles of underground line in high-risk areas as well as covering conductors and clearing vegetation in high-risk areas.

“We actually made that commitment in 2021. We’ve been doing it since 2021 as you can imagine it does take some time with that amount of miles. We’ve made progress here over here but yeah, we’ve already begun the process and that process is ongoing,” says Jeff Smith, a PG&E spokesperson.

Officials with SoCal Edison say they are also taking safety measures to prevent wildfires as they continue to strengthen their energy grids as well as covering conductors. They have also started underground wiring as well.

“It’s really our commitment for the safety of our customers and really California as a whole that these catastrophic wildfires shall stop and we’re doing whatever we can to take steps to prevent that,” says Smith.