FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE) – A Central Valley business owner is asking the public’s help to find the man he says broke into his restaurant last week and tried again overnight.

Lewis Everk, the owner of the Jugo Juice and Salad Bar, says he caught the suspect on camera twice.

Everk says he’s frustrated the suspect isn’t in custody yet, but he says he thinks he found out why he was a target in the first place.

Surveillance video from his Clovis business shows the moment the suspect accidentally triggered an alarm while messing with the lockbox early Monday morning, running off before he even got inside.

But Everk says it wasn’t the case last week at his business in Fresno.

“Was able to break our alarm, get to the back, retrieve cash, employees’ tips and made off with a decent amount of money,” explained Everk.

Everk said since then he’s upped the security but says he thinks he knows why they were targeted in the first place.

“Because of the pandemic and such high turnover, we’ve opted to use lockboxes, so staff could get in and out of the business. So he’s picked up on that trend, and is breaking into businesses based on that,” said Everk.

Photo of the accused burglar provided by Lewis Everk.

Both Fresno and Clovis Police say they are investigating the incident at both locations.

Everk has these pictures from his security camera- showing what looks like the same man at both stores. Still, the suspect isn’t in custody yet.

“Our staff feels a little apprehensive about closing at night if he’s going to strike while they’re in the parking lot or in the business,” Everk said.

In the meantime, Everk says he believes someone, somewhere knows where the suspect is.

“We have him on video multiple times, the car that he’s driving, what he’s wearing, it’s just a matter of catching him at this point,” said Everk.

Both the Fresno and Clovis Police Departments say once he is taken into custody, he will be charged with commercial burglary, which is a felony.