Brown water and plumbing issues plague apartment unit, tenant says

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Health concerns for a tenant in a northwest Fresno apartment as she claims her living conditions are unsanitary. Now the City is getting involved.

Code Enforcement recently inspected the Park West Apartment Homes near Marks and Shaw. Park West is facing several violations, many of them citing unsanitary conditions according to Code Enforcement.

Marsha Hicks says she’s made formal complaints for the last nine months and she’s relieved the City is holding staff accountable. Hicks recorded video of brown water spewing from a bathtub faucet.

Hicks says she’s been documenting unsanitary living conditions in her apartment at Park West, mostly concerned about dirty water.

“If you run it, it goes away but I’m like, my children brush their teeth. I’m afraid of the long term effects it might have on them and me,” said Hicks.

She also recorded video of leaking walls and growing mold, all caught on camera throughout months of complaints to management, Hicks says.

“I’ve even written letters to them, written letters to the property management, sent e-mails, everything. Only thing they’ve done — they cleaned the carpets last week,” said Hicks.

Once-soaked carpets are now drying out but no damages repaired, she says. The City confirmed that an inspection was done three weeks ago.

The violations say Hicks’ bathroom ceiling is damaged and unsanitary, her bathroom faucet damaged and evidence of a leak in the bathroom ceiling and wall. Also, a possible leak in the bedroom and its wall damaged and unsanitary. The bedroom and living room carpets deemed unsanitary and finally, the entry door’s weather strip missing.

The staff said no manager or owner was available to comment on the violations. The city says Park West has until December 9 to complete all repairs. Hicks says she’s been patient long enough.

“Code enforcement said that these people are negligent. That she’s assessed five cases the week that she was talking to me and that she went in there to speak with them and that they were just rude and negligent,” said Hicks.

Hicks says repairs in her apartment will begin with her carpets on Wednesday. As for where she’ll live, she’s been told Park West will be paying for her motel fees.

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