FRESNO, Calif. (KGPE) — As protests continue across the country, some people in Fresno are taking action in a different way — by supporting local black-owned businesses.

“Being for me, a woman of color and being an ally, I think it’s very important to show that support and be able to promote local businesses as well,” said Fresno resident, Mercedes Garcia.

Some Fresno black-owned restaurants like Chef Paul’s Cafe and Planet Vegan have both seen an increase in first-time customers over the past few days.

“That’s what we need is unity, to unite, not just people of color, but people in general,” said Chef Paul’s Cafe employee Eddie Wutangsy. “If you’re a good person that vibrates good energy, and those are the people that we need. We need the right customers.”

“I usually don’t see black-owned businesses promoted a lot, I don’t get to see the owners a lot, and I really want to support my community, and it’d be really cool to uplift them and them be as popular as any other business in Fresno. I feel like they deserve it. It’s their time,” said Fresno resident, Amaya Weldon.

With many restaurants struggling now due to the coronavirus, the CEO of the Fresno Metro Black Chamber of Commerce,Tara Lynn Gray said the impact may be even worse for black-owned restaurants.

“Our restaurants are a vital part of the black economy in the Fresno metropolitan area,” Gray said. “I think the community is responding and saying, ‘Hey, we feel your pain, we feel your discomfort, and we want to support you in any way that we can.’”