ATWATER, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – Sisters and best friends, 76-year-old Carolyn Rose and 73-year-old Billie Edwards were described as the “glue” of their family.

They were out on a morning walk Wednesday in Atwater when they were hit and killed near Augusta Lane and Juniper Avenue.

For the sisters, it was a day like many others, they always took their morning walk, but when Bob Edwards, Billie’s husband of 55 years, looked on his Life360 app the couple used to share each other’s location, his wife’s location had been frozen near the intersection of Augusta Lane and Juniper Avenue for nearly 30 minutes.

He tried to call her, but nobody answered.

“At a point, the icon moved to the fire station. When it did that, I knew something was wrong. The last call I made to my wife I said, ‘Hun, call me, I’m worried,” said Bob Edwards. 

He rushed to her previous location, the intersection of Augusta and Juniper; there he walked into a nightmare.

Both Billie and Carolyn were gone.

“She’s my rock. God created her for me. I don’t know how to live without her,” said Edwards.

Now, members of the family want accountability.

They say they have communicated with witnesses, who say the unidentified woman who drove the car that hit Billie and Carolyn, was on her phone at the time she hit them.

It’s important to note the police will not confirm that information at this time.

The driver reportedly drove her black Chrysler minivan off the road, onto the side, and hit both women and a light pole.

“I want this woman charged and I want her punished. She’s taken both of their lives. She created this massive hole in our family. It can’t be filled,” said Edwards.

As of now, police say this investigation is the top priority.

But the Atwater Chief of Police says nobody has come forward at this time.

“Every little bit of information is absolutely crucial,” said Chief Michael Salvador.

The chief added that they will likely release new information early next week.

The funeral for Billie and Carolyn will be held at Liberty Fellowship Church in Atwater on November 18.

If you would like to help with funeral expenses, visit the family’s GoFundMe.