Arambula case in the hands of the jury; court adjourns for the day

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The child abuse case for California Assemblyman Joaquin Arambula was officially handed to the jury on Wednesday.

The jury spent most of Wednesday listening to Fresno County Prosecutor Steve Wright and Arambula’s defense lawyer Michael Aed deliver their closing arguments. 

Wright told the jury, this trial was not Arambula spanking his daughter but about the bruise the alleged victim received that December night. 

He painted Arambula as a man with two personalities, a loving family man in public but when he’s alone with his children he lashes out at them. 

Wright said Arambula wasn’t being truthful when he took the witness stand on Tuesday. 

“You can see his aggravation. You can see him being upset. You can see his temper just as it came out last December against (alleged victim)”

Arambula’s defense attorney Michael Aed fighting back telling the jury he was insulted the prosecutor would characterize his client as a monster. 

He said the criminal justice is flawed and anyone could face the same charge as client. 

“The prosecutor sits here and tells you in open court that the reason that law enforcement didn’t do any investigation other than interview (alleged victim) on the date of the incident is because they wanted to be fair like some how following up, talking to the family, talking to the grandparents, talking to the people that know Joaquin and his family would some how affect the investigation or make it seem unfair,” Aed said. 

Aed said his client and wife were forced to record the alleged victim because they didn’t know what other accusations she would say. 

“Do you think they want to play video of their daughter acting out after this incident? They’re afraid of their daughter because it is serious. It’s serious enough that the cops were involved, he got arrested, he got taken down to the police station in the backseat of a patrol vehicle, he got placed behind bars, his name was splattered all over the media,” he said. 

After the closing arguments, the jury spent 10-15 minutes in the jury room before they decided to call it a day. 

The jury will return on Thursday morning. 

The jury could immediately come back with a decision, or it could take days to decide — there’s no way to know.

When the verdict is given, we’ll be live on, Facebook and on air on CBS47 and KSEE24.

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