FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – Despite a looming national railway strike that could hit supply chains and slow travel throughout the country, Amtrak says it continues to be a record-setting year for holiday travel on the railways.

Millions of Americans are heading home for the holidays and thousands of travelers will continue to ride amtrak trains as the rest of the country waits for a possible railroad strike that experts say could cause 2 billion dollars in damage to the economy.

With the threat of the looming strike, Amtrak released a statement saying:
“Amtrak continues to monitor ongoing freight rail management-labor contract negotiations. The negotiations do not involve Amtrak or the Amtrak workforce.”  

In Fresno, it’s not slowing down holiday travel. Olivia Irvin with Amtrak says they are seeing an increase in pass and ticket sales.

“I think the holidays bring a lot of stress and getting on the trains your able to relax and let someone else take the wheel,” said Irvin.

The Fresno Amtrak station is full of travelers heading home to enjoy meals with those closest to them.

Traveler Liz Fiocchi said, “I take it anytime I travel in California”

Fiocchi from Long Beach is on her way to Sacramento to visit her friend for thanksgiving. Fiocchi says current airline prices make riding the train an easy decision.

“I spent 46 on today’s ticket … the cheapest flight out of lax was 348 dollars,” said Fiocchi.

 With millions taking to the roads Irvin says Amtrak bypasses highway traffic throughout the state.

Olivia Irvin Amtrak public relations manager continued “With so many people traveling this year can get stuck in traffic and luckily our trains don’t have those same challenges.”

Although today is a busy day for Amtrak, the company says its busiest day is the Sunday following Thanksgiving.