FRESNO, Calif. (KGPE/KSEE) – Emergency service crews are not only battling this dangerous heat themselves but making sure they’re well equipped to handle those calls.

The American Ambulance location on Tulare Street in Fresno is where a majority of ambulances leave to respond to an emergency.

In this heatwave, a key focus is patients dealing with extreme heat.

“Tons of ice packs, we’ll go through a lot of these,” said Ben Wiele, Director of Communications for American Ambulance.

“Get the person out of the heat, the warm environment, so we want to get them in the back of the ambulance or in a cooler environment,” he said.

They’ll overload on ice packs, especially on days like Tuesday, when temperatures are set to be above 110 degrees.

“Our call volume fluctuates but as temperatures climb and as they stay high, we certainly are responding to heat-related calls,” said Wiele.

American Ambulance responds to over 135,000 calls annually and covers 4,000 sq miles throughout California. Heat-related calls are not a new thing.

“The number one thing that we can do to not get ill is to drink plenty of fluids and to stay outside of the heat as much as possible,” he said.

“Just trying to stay hydrated, stay hydrated is the best thing you can do. Take refuge in this shade right here,” said James Garcia from Sanger while laughing.

Garcia is following Wiele’s advice, even though he had no choice but to leave the house today for court.

“I don’t know if everybody is sweating for their cases or for the heat, you know,” he said.

While many people waited in the air conditioning of their cars, he waited for his ride under a tree.

Just like everyone else, he’s hoping this heat doesn’t last.

“Pray for some winds to come through or something, anything man. Some rain or something, you know,” said Garcia.

Officials continue to urge you not to leave children or pets in the car without A/C or without someone else present, and to of course keep your water handy.