FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – Amid an ongoing drought, storms like today’s are a welcome sight to the ag industry.

While there are concerns about flooding across the valley, farmers say this rainfall is helping crops and jobs.

“This rain is very important, I was in the town of Avenal this afternoon and all the people were excited about the rain coming because that means there’s jobs and water also for the city,” said Manuel Cunha.

Manuel Cunha with the Neisei Farmers League says rainfall is coming down gradually and soaking into the soil really well, preparing farmers for the coming season.

“The only thing we need to ask the state, the water resources, and the national resources is don’t let it go out into the ocean, let’s put it into holding ponds, reservoirs,” he added.

“We’re lucky for what we’re getting and hoping for more,” said Elizabeth Jonasson. 

Elizabeth Jonasson with the Westlands Water District says they’re hopeful the rain and snow will help alleviate some of the state’s drought conditions.

“Our state is definitely clearly still in a drought, a multi-year drought, and though we remain hopeful that weather conditions help get us out of this drought that water conservation and being mindful of water use is still important,” said Jonasson.

But farmers are excited this rainfall helps prepare their trees, crops, and vegetables heading into 2023.

“We gotta have it keep going, we want it to keep going, id like to have 20 days straight, that’s a little too much to ask for I think but I’ll take it,” said Canha. 

Officials say it’s going to take more than this rain event to get the state out of this multi-year drought.