Abnormally active weather season for the valley

Local News

When it comes to wild weather the last couple of weeks have been quite a ride. Numerous funnel clouds, four twisters touched down, and some buildings have been damaged. This is the second most active year since 1997.

Kris Mattarochia is the Science and Operations Officer for National Weather Service in Hanford. He says this year has been abnormally active. 

“As far as tornadoes are concerned, this is something we don’t see too often.”

However, Mattarochia says funnel clouds aren’t out of the ordinary this time of year. 

“Funnel clouds are not uncommon in our area they happen pretty frequently,” say Mattarochia. “That’s why there are a lot of pictures and videos of them.”

The average for tornado touch downs are two per year. As of right now we have doubled our average. 

According to Mattarochia the severe weather isn’t over because March is the most active month for tornado touch downs. 

“March is our most active month for tornadoes,” says Mattarochia. “They are usually a cold season wet year type of event.”

According to Mattarochia if you see a funnel cloud or a warning issued for your area the best rule of thumb is to duck and cover. 

“If they see a funnel cloud and they notice that we have a issued a special weather statement they should go inside of a sturdy building,” says Mattarochia. 

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