FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – “Today is a win for the good guys,” said Fresno County District Attorney Lisa Smittcamp.

The conclusion of a 13-day operation by several law enforcement agencies takes dozens of guns off the streets and nearly 300 total arrests.

Here’s a look at the numbers provided by the Fresno Police Department: 57 guns and rifles were seized, 279 total arrests, of those, 139 were felony arrests, and 58 were gang-affiliated arrests.

‘Operation Safe Neighborhoods’ was an operation in collaboration with local, state, and federal partners. Of all of those nearly 300 arrests, 75 of those suspects are still in jail from this crackdown on crime. Three of them were extradited outside of Fresno.

Many of the guns obtained by these suspects the Fresno Police Department says, should’ve never had a gun in the first place.

“15 of these guns are privately manufactured guns or ghost guns. The others are being bought through purchases. A lot of these guns come from out of state. Arizona, Nevada, and other places with looser gun laws,” said Fresno Chief Paco Balderrama.

Getting these guns off the streets was the primary focus of ‘Operation Safe Neighborhoods’.

“The guns here are being used in crimes,” said Chief Balderrama looking at the 57 guns and rifles laid out on tables in front of the podium.

The operation started on May 8, to try and stop those crimes before they happen.

“Typically, in the spring, early summer that’s when we see a spike. Overall crime is down 16% this year, but I really focus on violent crime because that is our highest priority,” said Chief Balderrama.

Operations like these are yielding fewer and fewer guns over time. According to officials, it’s a good sign of fewer guns in circulation.

“I mean when you can cut the homicide rate in half compared to last year? Something’s working,” said Chief Balderrama.

Something else officials say is working is the probation system.

“We contacted 127 residences in the city of Fresno. A total of 53 probation arrests or violations,” said Deputy Chief Probation Officer, David Ruiz.

“When the police department does an operation like this and they do encounter people who are on probation and they are in compliance, then everybody celebrates that,” said Fresno County District Attorney Lisa Smittcamp.

An hours-long standoff occurred on Friday afternoon, at the tail end of this 13-day operation. A gang member was taken into custody, with seven guns and a rifle in their possession.

Every gun confiscated in this operation will be traced to check if they coincide with any other ongoing investigations, then they will be destroyed.