A Fresno State fan is leaving the Las Vegas Bowl game a cheerful fan, but he is also coming home with a broken leg.

Dave Boyt’s daughter, Paityn Boyt, who is part of the Fresno State dance team, posted that her father was so excited when the ‘Dogs beat Arizona State, that he jumped onto the field and broke his foot.

The daughter-father duo traveled to Las Vegas, both for similar reasons.

Her role? To cheer on the team. His? She says he’s probably an even bigger cheerleader than she is.

“He barely misses a game,” she says. “He was too caught up in the win and saw my little brother jump off to get to the field.”

So naturally as a Fresno State fan, he tried to do the same.

The entire Boyt family attended the game, including her mother who is an alumna and Paityn ​​​​​​’s two brothers. “My oldest brother even flew in from Yale after his finals to be at the game,” she says.

As of Saturday at 10:15 p.m., she says her father remains in the emergency room, but he decided on a red cast.

She says, “He said he wants a red cast for red wave and made me promise him I’d get him a Bulldog sticker.”