FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – Three deadly crashes over the weekend claimed the lives of five people. Four of those killed were killed by drivers suspected of being impaired or drunk while behind the wheel.

A suspect of one DUI crash still recovering at CRMC and once recovered, will transfer to county jail.

Meanwhile, in the same hospital, a victim is recovering from a separate DUI crash.

A family at the intersection where the second crash happened, on Cedar and Floral avenues in Fresno County, is being credited with saving the victim’s life.

“It was just — save him,” said Roger Alvarez Maravilla, who did not want to appear in front of our cameras.

The Maravilla family is credited by CHP officials for saving the life of a man whose car erupted into flames after being hit in a deadly DUI crash.

“My brother was grabbing the hose, and he was running it over there and my dad was asking for a pickaxe, so I took him the pickaxe and they broke the windshield and when the guy was taking the guy out I jumped the fence and helped him take him back to our side,” said Maravilla.

Their side is not too far from where the crash happened in Fresno County.

“We heard the crash, so we ran outside, and my dad was already out there and the two vehicles were on fire already. The flatbed was already catching fire but the car, there was like, no helping anymore,” he said.

The family couldn’t save everyone.

CHP officials say three people died in the crash, all in one car, and all are possibly related to each other.

The Sheriff’s Office also believes the people who died in this crash are not locals.

Officials believe the driver was under the influence and ran the stop sign on Floral Ave.

The Fresno County Sheriff’s Office shared with us, that because of the nature of the crash, the victim’s bodies are unidentifiable at this time.

However, Maravilla and his family are no strangers to crashes at this intersection.

A previous crash did major damage to their fence.

Now, they want a stop sign on all four sides, so they don’t have to save any more lives.

“This past year we’ve had four accidents here already, in this same spot. There have been cars flipping over on our side of the property, and our neighbors too. It keeps happening, yeah,” said Maravilla.

The CHP says this year is shaping up to be a deadlier year on the roads compared to 2021.

102 total deaths on the roads last year in 2021, this year we’re standing at 90 with three months left, and the winter and the rainy season ahead.