FRESNO, Calif. (KGPE/KSEE) — 29-year-old runner Kyle Grossman, who was born with autism, has not let the way he was born stop him from running in six marathons – two of them being the Boston Marathon.

Kyle competed in the Two Cities Marathon in Clovis and Fresno on Sunday.

“He’s at it all the time and never ever complains,” said family friend Laurie Hill.

Kyle was determined to finish the 26.2-mile run despite his body telling him to stop.

Kyle’s dad Neil says he hit the wall at the 20-mile mark and was running the fastest he has ever run.

Kyle’s dad rode his bike along his side as he ran through the streets of Clovis and Fresno encouraging him to keep going.

“We had to pick him up the last six miles and he fell about 20 times he ended up finishing though,” said Neil.

With a helping hand, Kyle finished the marathon in just under four and a half hours.

“He does it to show that you can do anything you want, it doesn’t matter what your disability is”.

After crossing the finish line, Kyle received first aid because he pushed himself so hard.

Kyle will continue to train in preparation to run in the Boston Marathon for a third time with the Doug Flutie Foundation for Autism.