FRESNO COUNTY, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – Results continue to come in on a pair of key congressional races in the Central Valley.

In District 13, the wait is in for results in the battle between Republican John Duarte and Democrat Adam Gray.

In District 22, it’s Democrat Rudy Salas up against David Valadao.

According to Fresno State Political Science Professor Jeff Cummins, the current state of the House means both races have real implications for the balance of power.

Even though Republicans have picked up seats, they will likely need more help.

“When you have a small margin for your majority in the house it makes it a lot harder to get the votes necessary to pass legislation,” said Cummins.

As of Wednesday, Republican John Duarte with a small lead over Democrat Adam Gray, with just over 200 votes.

“We’re fighting for the cost of living. And to make sure that we deliver to the residents of this district, which is a very rural, low-income district,” said Duarte on KSEE24 earlier this week.

Even though he is behind, Gray told us he still expects to come out on top.

“I feel really confident. Um, you know it’s a close election and a lot of elections are close this year. But uh, I think we ran a great campaign,” he said.

In District 22, Democrat Rudy Salas was behind David Valadao by a wider margin, by almost 3,300 votes on Wednesday.

Even though his reps did not get back to us Wednesday, Salas at his election night watch party projected victory.

“I feel good about what’s gonna happen very soon. We’re gonna win this,” he said to a crowd of supporters.

Valadao’s camp meanwhile declined an interview and said they wanted to wait while results were still up in the air.

Even though Valadao’s lead may appear solid right now, Cummins said he doesn’t expect these races to be called until next week.