A Hanford boy is stepping up to stop bullying at his school and his message is spreading fast. Tarrick Walker is a student at Kings-River Hardwick Elementary School in Hanford. What he says started as a bad day at recess has turned into a positive story.

It was on this basketball court where 12-year-old Tarrick Walker says he experienced racism for the first time ever but it’s how he responded that’s rallying his community.

One family, one team. The Walkers pick each other up when they’re down. Last month,12-year-old Tarrick needed an assist when he says he heard a racial slur while playing basketball at school.

“I’m like ‘what’s happening?’ And the kid tells me to ‘go out you dumb n-word’ and everyone is shocked because no one would ever think someone or a kid would say a racial term, especially that one,” said Tarrick.

Tarrick says he realized the slur was directed at him but instead of starting a fight — his parents gave him a platform on Facebook so he could share his experience.

The Walkers weren’t done. They designed these blue t-shirts. The official color for National Bullying Prevention Month in October stamped with the message — “stop bullying” and the hashtag ‘I stand with Tarrick’.

A hundred shirts were donated to students, parents and teachers.

“It was like putting gasoline on a fire. So within hours, you know a few days. It was huge and people wanted more shirts,” said Tarrick’s dad, Marcel Walker.

Type in Tarrick’s hashtag and you’ll find several posts of adults and kids wearing the shirts. They stand with Tarrick, speaking out against racism and bullying. 

“And that’s a great message I feel like for us, my children to see there’s a lot more love in the world than there is hate,” said Tarrick’s mom, Darlene Walker.

“Is there any way to take anti-bullying too far? I don’t think so,” said Tarrick. 

Tarrick wants the campaign’s voice to echo in and out of Hanford and give courage to victims and witnesses of bullying.

“Stand up and go do something about it,” said Tarrick.