Today local business owners and community members were introduced to a new type of technology. A power source that could potentially change the farming industry.
It’s called “The Suncell.” It’s an energy source about the size of a briefcase that the company who created it said could power over 30 homes. Today the tech company Brilliant Light Power came to Bitwise in Downtown Fresno to show local business owners, especially farmers, how the technology could power the Central Valley.
Paul Parreira is a 3rd generation Los Banos almond farmer.
“My grandparents planted a few trees back in the 1950’s. My mom and dad still live on that home ranch,” he said.
A career path he says is now in jeopardy for future generations.
“We have regulations that are being imposed on us that are extremely difficult. It’s causing us to kind of shrink the industry,” he said.
Parreira visited downtown Fresno on Monday to hear how the new energy source could cut the costs of running his almond farm. Expected to be on the market early next Spring, it’s inventors say ‘The Suncell’ is a portable and sustainable energy source that runs off of water and hydrogen.
“You can think of it as a light bulb with a thousands of times larger area,” said Brilliant Light Power Founder and CEO Dr. Randell Mills.
Fresno was the first stop of a short national speaking tour for the tech company. Mills says his invention is made to help any industry especially farming because it cuts down energy costs and provides electricity in hard to reach areas.
“It will help with irrigation, pumping stations, water processing, and more. Essentially everything now that is set up for electric,” he said.
Parreiera says this new invention could help the stress of farming regulations, high energy bills, and reduce the carbon footprint.
“This would just open up a while new world where you have remote irrigation wells and remote irrigation systems,” said Parreira. 
Local software engineer Eric Tilton invited Dr. Mills and his team to Bitwise. He says introducing new technology companies to the Valley like Brilliant Light Power helps more than just farmers.
“We are just intensely interested in spawning a tech revival here in Fresno and bringing new industries to help the local economy,” he said.
As of now the new power source unit does not have a set price, but the Brilliant Light Power team says it is expected to be on the market for commercial use by next Spring.