Margaret Hudson’s Earth Art Studio has been a Valley staple for more than 40 years.
“This is my happiness to do for people,” said Lydia Buchok, craft artist for Margaret Hudson’s Earth Arts Studio.
Lydia Buchok had put her time and love of crafting into each sculpture for nearly 30 years.
“To work in here, not suppose to be a regular person, you have to have a kind of feeling for this,” said Buchok.
A feeling that Buchok said she hopes can help keep the studio alive during difficult times.
“This is a very special place for the community,” said Buchok.
The studio opened in 1972 after Margaret Hudson’s husband fell ill and she needed to support her sons.
“She started working on clay animals that she saw everyday in her backyard,” said Inez Tilden, Hudson’s assistant.
Inez Tilden said she has worked for Hudson as her assistant for more than 25 years. 
Tilden said the studio has been a local craft shop for decades, making more than 600 designs.
But now, Tilden says they are slowly seeing the kiln burn out.
“If we can’t basically make enough money to stay in business we will have to close,” said Tilden. 
She said a few days ago they decided to put a plea on Facebook for the community’s support.
“Yesterday and today we’re swamped with people and it’s just lovely,” said Tilden.
Tilden said Hudson, will be 90 this January, is now living in an assisted living facility.
But she said Hudson’s dream is to keep the wheel turning for the community.
“Her life has been around sculpting and making these pieces,” said Tilden.
Buchok said she feels the same way.
“This business is my life,” said Buchok.
Tilden said they won’t know until after the new year if they made enough money this year to stay open.

The shop is located at 1936 E Swift Ave, Fresno, CA 93726.