Livingstone’s misses mark in latest inspection, but another already scheduled


When will it reopen? It’s the biggest question surrounding the Tower District’s popular bar and restaurant Livingstone’s. There are still a few hoops to jump through, but the much anticipated reopening could be soon.

Much of the internet was abuzz Thursday after a Fresno Instagram account posted the reopening for Livingstone’s could be Dec. 5. It’s the latest reopening rumor since Dec. 20, 2016, when a fire ripped through the beloved Tower space — causing it to close.

Thursday also happened to be the day for the city to have an inspector stop by. Over the phone, city spokesman Mark Standriff confirmed Livingstone’s did not pass the inspection. However, he described the strikes as “minor fixes.”

Daniel Renteria, the director of the Tower District Marketing Committee, said Livingstone’s return would mean the return of its customers. That translates into more business for the entire neighborhood.

“It’s a walking community,” Renteria said. “I see many people who will frequent one venue early in the evening, [then] an hour or two later I’ll see them someplace else.”

But his biggest hope is Livingstone’s attracting people not familiar with the Tower area.

“It’ll bring people from the north end, then maybe the next day they’ll look around, say, ‘Well, there’s another restaurant,'” Renteria said. “They’ll come back and maybe experience another place.”

Standriff said another inspection is already scheduled for Friday.

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