Livingston becomes third city in the Central Valley to oppose citizenship 2020 census question


In a unanimous decision last Tuesday, Livingston city council voted to oppose the “is this person a citizen of the united states,” question from the 2020 us census.

Livingston is a town of around 14 thousand people, 46 percent were born in another country, 85 percent of residents over the age of five speak a language other than english.
City council member Alex McCabe Livingston  said the question could keep many from taking part in the census.

“We want an accurate count because this count affects a lot of our funding our state and federal,” said McCabe.

The US Justice Department demanded the question to be added as a way to enforce the Voter Rights Act.
Since then, six California district attorneys  filed suit challenging the decision.
“California gets 76 billion dollars and the numbers of the census really come into play,” said Giselle Gasca with Mi Familia Vota.

During a hearing this month a US federal judge allowed for the lawsuits to move forward.

Livingston is the third city in the central valley to oppose the citizenship question on the 2020 census.

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