Late-August heat streak dangerous

Although triple-digit heat is a fact of life in the Central Valley, temperatures this week are reaching records, staying hot at night, and lasting all week long.
The City of Fresno announced cooling centers will be open each day until further notice.
Schools are also taking steps to keep kids safe and cool. Like many districts, Clovis Unified has a guidebook specifying shade and water breaks, outdoor time and other changes depending on different levels of heat and air quality.
Spokesperson Eric Swain says, “If we’re going to be outside doing things it’s with water breaks or with just breaks period. We’re trying to get athletes into the shade. It’s limited action outside.  It’s hard to give up days. We certainly will at that highest levels but we try to do what we can.”
At 3:15 pm Monday, temperatures warmed enough to warrant suspension of all outdoor athletic activities in Clovis Unified.
In Fresno, the latest 110-degree day in the year was September 3rd, 1955.
The last 100-degree day averages September 10th.

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