Las Vegas Massacre survivor reflects on one-year anniversary


Michele Fiester said she’s grateful to be alive. She is one of the survivors from the Las Vegas Shooting that got to go home. But, she said the last year of healing has been challenging.

“There was a stretch of just my healing process, where I just didn’t want to talk about it at all,” said Fiester on Monday.

Now on the one-year anniversary of the massacre, Fiester recalls those horrific memories.

She remembered, “I saw people go down as they got shot. And then I was close enough where you look up on the stage, and you see Jason Aldean panic and people rush him offstage.”

Fiester is a mother from Mariposa”. It had been her third Route 91 concert. She miraculously survived.

“The worst feeling was the guilt of not understanding why my life was spared, when so many others weren’t,” cried Fiester.

In the last year, Fiester moved from Clovis to the mountains. She said the calmness of Mariposa has helped her through the trauma. But, the expectant mother said, it hasn’t been easy. Fiester, who is married with two young daughters, said she felt angry for a long time. But, with therapy, support groups, and her family, she works through the bad days.

Fiester stated, “I felt like, I still feel like I, like I owe it to the people that didn’t make it out of there, or didn’t get to go back to their families to, to have a happy life.”

She is determined not to let the fear of evil consume her life. Fiester said her new mission is to live for those who aren’t living anymore.

“Being grateful for life and every day that you have to live it, is far more powerful than anything you can ever be afraid of,” ended Fiester.

Fiester said she hasn’t been to Las Vegas since the weekend of the massacre, but she does plan on going again. She said she wants to make new memories, and fear is not going to hold her back.

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