Large scale honey oil lab found in central Fresno


Police are investigating a massive honey oil operation found inside a Fresno Christian Ministry shop. Fresno and Clovis police busted the three large scale labs found on Maple and Pine.  

Police say this is the largest scale honey oil lab they have ever seen in the valley they have blocked off this entire neighborhood because the chemicals are so dangerous.

Police say they have been keeping an eye on this place for about a month today they served search warrants expecting it to be a small lab but they say they found three large scale labs inside the Christian Ministry Shop. They say about one million dollars of honey oil was coming out if here every month. Police did arrest the owner of the lab 56 year old Eugenio Vildosola. they are still working to determine of he also owns the ministry or is just renting the building.

We’ll be updating this as soon as more information is made available. If you have any additional information regarding this case please call the Fresno Police Department at 621-7000. 

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