Laptops, Chargers Stolen for Elementary School

FRESNO, Calif. - Stolen computers taken from children at school. Fresno Police say repeat offender, 25-year old Timothy Allen Scruggs, is the suspect. Fresno Police said this is Scrugg's second similar arrest for burglary to an elementary school in less than two months.

The burglary happened just after midnight on Tuesday morning at Ericson Elementary School near Clinton and Chestnut Avenues. Police said the suspect was caught with six laptops and burglary tools, and there's equipment still missing. Fresno Unified said the six laptops allegedly found on Scruggs was returned to them, but they're still missing six more and the teacher's computer.

Lt. Mark Hudson said, "He'd got in through a window that he pushed open, was able to unlock the door, that's when he got in with his burglary tools."

Hudson said officers responded to the scene and set up a perimeter. The California Highway Patrol assisted with air support. Scruggs allegedly tried to bike away, but was quickly taken down and arrested.

"He had a backpack full of laptop computers that he stole from one of the classrooms. He actually got into the classroom, pried open a wall safe where he took these laptops,  and then fled from the location," stated Hudson.

Kristal Arroyo is a parent. She said, "It's upsetting, cuz you know, they need that stuff to learn... Now it puts that, them, and their teachers behind."

Arroyo said they can't believe someone would take from children.

"And just ripping their education away from them and stealing from the school," stated Taya Masters, another Ericson parent.

The recovered stolen property was returned to the school, and children were able to use it. But Fresno Unified said at least six computers and more than a dozen chargers still remain missing.

"I understand people, you know, have a hard time making it through life, but don't take from the kids," ended Arroyo.

Fresno Unified said it encourages the public to notify Fresno Police if they have any additional information on this case, please contact Crime Stoppers at 498-STOP.

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