FRESNO, California (KSEE) – The San Joaquin River Parkway Trust has acquired a large piece of land between Millerton Lake and Fresno, along the San Joaquin River, which they intend to open for public access.

Sumner Peck Ranch is a winery along Friant Road. It now has a new owner: the San Joaquin River Parkway Trust is adding the 72-acre property to some 4,000 acres of riverfront to be enjoyed by the public.

“We’re really excited,” said Trust executive director Sharon Weaver. “This was a keystone piece between those two properties that links them all together.”

Weaver says the San Joaquin River Parkway is working to create a 22-mile parkway system, including a series of open spaces, parks, and connected trails – from Friant Dam all the way to Highway 99.

Chris Hays saw appointments available for tours and signed up. 

“Most of us are Fresno natives,” says Hays. “They actually do live on the river, too. We just have a vested interest in nature and the river.”

Hays is keen to see a continuous pathway linking Millerton Lake to Highway 99.

“That would be the ultimate goal. Whether that will happen who knows but it is something to strive for.”

More information is available on their website.